Welcome to the first Dorn Method and Breuss Spinal Massage School offering Training Courses in the UK
We offer training courses to health practitioners to enable them to provide their clients with the added benefits of these effective techniques.
All students who qualify will be enrolled as members of the British Register of Dorn and Breuss Therapists and have the option to be included on the practitioners list.
Dorn Method - Dorn Therapy - Dorn Technique and Breuss Spinal Massage Training Seminars in the United Kingdom by Jacqui Hamer - Alternative & Complimentary Medicine and Physiotherapy

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is the Dorn Method safe?
The Dorn Method has been considered a safe procedure since it began.
With the participation of the clients' movements and a gentle pressure applied by the therapist the joint is adjusted, without trauma, twisting or cracking. The client is in control at all times.
It is so gentle that the lay person can learn this technique and apply it to friends and family including ones self.
It is an excellent low risk and gentle alternative to other manipulative techniques that involve high velocity thrusts (H.V.T.). Used by chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other manipulative therapists.

How many treatments will I need?
Everyone is different. This can depend on the individual's circumstances. If a chronic condition has developed this may take longer to treat than a pain that has just been there a few days. It is usually recommended to have 3 to 9 treatments for the condition to become stabilized. . We re-assess each time you come for a treatment. Most people feel better after the first treatment, with many clients only needing 2 or 3 treatments. Remember everyone is different with individual needs.

Can anybody receive the Dorn Method?
No. The client should to be mobile to receive the treatment, although the treatment can be adapted to a certain extent for those who are not.
Certain medical conditions may stop you receiving treatment some conditions you may need your doctors permission. Therapists with higher qualifications like Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors who apply the Dorn Method may be able to treat you, where as holistic or complimentary therapists may not be allowed to treat you for certain medical conditions.
Check with your therapist first.

What conditions benefit from treatment with the Dorn Method.
The list is endless but here are a few:-
Back pain and sciatica
Neck and shoulder problems
Tempro-mandibular joint dysfunction TMJ (jaw problems)
Digestion problems
Migraine and headaches
Sports injuries
The self help guide is an added benefit that will enhance your treatment.
Prevention is better than cure.

Why would my legs be a different length?
Incorrect postures and habits of incorrect movements and sitting in daily life all have an accumulative effect on our bodies that cause musculo-skeletal imbalances which eventually lead to aches and pains. E.g. sitting cross legged, promotes a dislocation of the femoral head from the acetabulum (ball and socket joint of the hip).

Can infants and children receive the Dorn Method?
Yes, in fact we strongly recommend treatment, so that dysfunctions can be detected before they cause problems later on. It is important to be educated from an early age how to look after ones back and joints. There is a growing demand for treatment for children as so many have developed back problems already.

Will I have any reactions to treatment?
Reactions to therapy are common but usually subside within a few days. Reactions are not usually a bad sign. It shows the body is healing and getting rid of toxins that have accumulated within the body.
Everyone is different, reactions could be hardly noticeable to some, whilst others may feel more, this sometimes depends on personal circumstances, build up of toxins within the body, your health etc
One may experience:-
Muscular aches (like after doing to much exercise)
Tiredness or more energy
Change in excretory habits

It is advisable to drink more water than usual after treatment
and not to do strenuous exercise.


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